Ogwen Mountaineering Festival



Captain Louis Rudd MBE is the first Briton to complete a solo, unsupported and unassisted crossing of the Antarctic land mass.

He has successfully completed what was an extremely difficult journey, hauling around 130kg of food and equipment over 900 miles, without resupply or the use of kites/sails across the continent. What’s more he did it in what has been unanimously recognised as a difficult season, with unprecedented levels of snow fall and difficult skiing surfaces that make man hauling supplies and equipment particularly arduous.

A major inspiration for the 56-day expedition was the loss of his friend, Henry Worsley, a fellow explorer who died while attempting to break the same record nearly three years ago. Louis Rudd carried a flag with Worsley’s family crest on the entire journey.

Rudd is one of the most experienced polar explorers in the world, but the trip went far beyond anything he had attempted before, not only in terms of its length but also the solitude. It was his first solo expedition, and it would last around two months. He lost 17% of his body mass during the challenge even though he would consume up to 6000 calories per day.

A truly outstanding feat of physical and mental endurance, Louis will bring his experiences to life through his lecture at Neuadd Ogwen. He will describe what brought him to explore and travel at a young age, his pathway from military career to Arctic explorer and his plans for the future.

This is a fantastic opportunity to spend an evening with one of the great explorers of our time and to get a taste of what that entails.

Tickets are on sale NOW from the Neuadd Ogwen website. at £13 each.